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Live Zoom Call

Next Call: Tuesday, June 4, 2024 @ 10AM CST

Join us this  Tuesday for live gymnastics training with Coach Al Fong.

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FREE LIVE ZOOM training hosted by Al Fong at the GAGE Center

TUESDAY, June 4 , 2024, 10 AM CST

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Revolutionize Gymnast Hand Care with GAGE's Proven Techniques

A Comprehensive Guide for Gymnastics Coaches

Explore the latest in gymnast hand care with our GAGE Tips for Healthy Hands Revisited. Learn to create DIY tape grips, use latex gloves with Vaseline for friction reduction, and discover the groundbreaking Thergonomic hand aids to train effectively while healing. Enhance your gymnasts' performance with these innovative techniques, ensuring their hands are protected and their training is uninterrupted.

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Presented by

Coach Al Fong



At GAGE we like to take a 3-year approach when teaching advanced skills.


"Always train for tomorrow."


Some kids learn faster. Some slower.

It doesn’t matter. 

Using this approach allows for

a healthy, nurturing culture where

gymnastics thrives and difficult skills become easier to learn over time.

The biggest challenges young coaches deal with are:


1. How to transition from a compulsory mindset to an optional mindset

2. Keeping kids healthy physically and mentally


3. Not killing the spirit while pushing the kids to excel in gymnastics

4. Trying to navigate through the noise of good coaching advice

and bad coaching advice.

On Tuesday I hope to help you on your coaching journey by sharing the things we have learned over 40 years of teaching and sharing the best methods to teach kids how to learn more advanced skills. Great for coaches who are currently coaching optional level gymnastics and coaches whom one day aspire to coach at the higher levels!


Teaching gymnasts high-level skills can sometimes feel like a daunting task. On Tuesday I will cover the way we teach and create an environment that endorses safety, more accessible progressions and ultimately helping the gymnast and coach find success.

Don't Miss it!

Invested in helping to develop better tools so our gymnastics community continues to grow.
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