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CYC Mentorship

CYC Mentorship

Mentor training program for coaches and business owners.

Change Today.

Shape Tomorrow.

Teach things that matter

After 40 years of coaching and running business, we were challenged to share our knowledge, philosophy and culture with our gymnastics community. 

It's not the way, it's just our way. 

We help coaches and gym owners visiting from around the world to learn how to create an environment that produces a healthy culture and gymnastics success focused on a system we have developed and have followed for many years.

We spend a week with you teaching our philosophy, coaching mindset, our coaching training model, how we handle athletes through phases of development and finally building a culture that creates success without leveraging threats and negative coaching behavior. 

We want to help shape future generations to create change and develop an even better culture for our gymnasts, coaches and business owners. 


Our Culture and Values brings the gym to life


Kids first

Kids use gymnastics to discover activities that lead to bigger ideas to try in their daily lives. We always start by asking: Are we best serving our gymnasts? Is what we are doing significant enough? Are we making our athlete's lives better? If the environment doesn't work for our community then it doesn't work for us.

Care balanced with Candor

We believe in sharing honest feedback, delivered with respect, to build trust and support growth. We always assume positive intent because we know that all feedback is given in a genuine effort to help us improve.


Learn from each other

We are all about growing and learning from experimentation, and we believe in the same spirit of exploration inside our walls. We learn from our successes, our epic failures, and each other.

Coach with Integrity

We always act with integrity. We do what we say we are going to do and we admit when we make mistakes.

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coaching standards


learn drills and skills


learn to process with athletes

We're just getting started. Join us as we continue to work together to create a new standard.

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